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Story Wood School Sowing the seeds of success

Autumn Term

15.10.21 Testing out how the size of an object affects the formation of a moon crater

15.10.21 Year 5 recording their first thoughts in P4C

13.10.21 Year 5 using problem solving skills in Maths!

08.10.21 Year 5 using Oreos to represent the phases of the moon and yes before you ask...they did get to eat them afterwards!

05.10.21 Year 5 perfecting their techniques in gymnastics!

01.10.21 Making and testing out our own sundial in Science!

28.09.21 Y5 experimenting with colour in an Impressionist style

27.09.21 Learning about the upper, middle and lower course features of a river

23.09.21 forehand receiving in hockey

21.09.21 Y5 sketching in an impressionist style using charcoal

13.09.21 Learning about the water cycle in Geography